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Abe S

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Full Stack (Front-End ) and Developer 5 years of development experience with JavaScript, , NodeJS
Chicago, Illinois
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5 years exp.
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Reasons to Hire Me

  • experience with JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, HTML, PHP
  • knowledge of React versions 15-18
  • Proficiency with Redux for State Management

Programmer in Chicago, Illinois

I'm an
Extensive work experience through all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) starting with project initiation, requirement gathering, requirement analysis, functional design, detail design, development, and implementation of multi-tier enterprise, web-based, and distributed applications. ● Expertise in creating User Controls, Web Forms, and client-side validations using JavaScript, Validate, and React. ● Strong experience designing and developing interactive Front-End applications using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Materialize, JavaScript, and React. ● Proficiency with Node and Express to perform CRUD database operations ● Proficiency in developing Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture-based Single Page Applications (SPA) using React With Node....., Express and MongoDb. ● Experience in designing web-friendly elements using React Templates with Bootstrap or Custom CSS ● Working knowledge of Back-End development using Node....., Express, and MongoDb. ● understanding of database technologies like SQL, Queries, and PostgreSQL, and MySQL and tools like PHPmyAdmin ● Experience building/using REST and RESTful APIs. ● Experience using Git and GitHub for source control. ● Proficient in a range of IDE's including Notepad and VSCode. ● Ability to analyze, fix bugs, and suggest improvements to existing Codebase ● Working knowledge of Cloud development services with Google cloud and deploying cloud functions ● Working Knowledge of Geolocation Services and Mapping Apis, MapBox GL, React Google Maps Library ● Utilized Greensock GSAP animation libraries as well as custom css to perform animations Worked closely with internal clients to define business objectives, project scope, solution space, and design/development approach for an Industrial Real Estate Management application. ● Used Twilio API to create an IVR (Interactive voice and text response system) with a React..... Front End and Node..... Express backend deployed to Google Cloud with a Firebase NoSQL database ● Deployed a serverless cloud CRON job that checks a tenants confirmation status in Firebase Cloud Storage and prompts for confirmation utilizing text messages or voice phone call depending on device registration ● Used Sendgrid and Twilio to Email a client relevant building architectural plans and text them navigable directions to their cellphones for upcoming appointments ● Used Paypal API to process rental application service fees in a React..... Front End ● Used Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts to develop UI components that could be reused across the Web Application and developed cross-browser and multi-browser compatible web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. ● Refactored components prop-drilling and implemented Redux and asynchronous HTTP requests in component lifecycle methods to Thunks ● Developed and tested many features for dashboard using HTML, CSS, JavaScript ● Used React for developing the SPA (Single Page Application) for internal application/tool. ● Refactored Class components and legacy life cycle methods to more modern and less weight functional components ● Developed the web application using React, Node-JS, Express-JS, Mongo-DB, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, and JavaScript. ● Developed a MERN Stack using the inventory management system already in place to streamline and organize the entire warehouse. ● Used React framework for building web applications with the understanding of the requirements of the user interface layout of the web application. Used React Router for internationalization and to generate routes dynamically using React router and express middleware. ● Built reusable service components using React with Object-Oriented JavaScript, HTML, CSS3 ● Developed various React Functional Components to help build the functionality and UI behavior using JavaScript to bring additional functionality to HTML. ● Used browser-cookies and client side Javascript to temporarily store thedata used in this applications. ● Developed Bootstrap responsive web application pages using React for front end UI and consumed RESTful web service API. development, implementation, and testing of the enterprise applications. ● Involved in web application development for front-end systems using client side javascript and PHP for plugin development ● Interacted with Acculynx Customer Relationship Management system API to use data submitted by customers in creation of building appraisals ● Migrated a .NET website hosted and managed by comcast to a personalized wordpress website (clients request), maintaining original functionality, look and styling. ● Consumed RESTFUL web services using HTTP ● Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML and CSS3 ● Interacted with various mapping applications and API's such as google maps, google my buisness, and Yelp Worked with other developers to define objectives, resolve issues, fix bugs, implement desired features in an open source codebase currently utilized by millions of people from all over the world ● Fixed challenge and relevant curriculum tests requiring users to write better code in order to pass algorithmic and coding challenges ● Closed repository issues related to bugs in existing challenges in algorithms and datastructures as well as the interview preparation curriculum ● Added changes to the logic and behavior of the UI in Typescript React Components and implemented various new features as requested ● Created a custom diffing feature showing users changes to the original challenges in Redux Typescript files (Redux Observables) and displaying it on the front end in the user forums ● Exposed various bugs and suggested solutions to issues in the codebase as well as various misinformed technical articles. ● Built custom user dashboards and social login flows
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