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Hello, Please find my profile for the FULL STACK, Node....., web Developer , PYTHON,ERPNEXT,JIRA for project management,Heroku for deployment , GitHub for version control part time/full time. if you have any query, please let me know. please find some current past project links http://....com/ www.....com Andriod Application – www.....uk [ANDRIOD and IPHONE Application ] SKYPE : suren_gupta Surendra Gupta ================================================================= Resume of Surendra Gupta Professional Summary Total Exp in DEVELOPMENT & Team Management - 14 Years 1 ) Over 14 years of IT Industry exposure with focus in the area of Application Software Design, Object Oriented Design, Development, Analysis, Documentation, Debugging, Testing and Implementation, Application Programming in Client/Server and N-Tier Database environments using Procedural and Object Oriented Programming Concepts. -- OPEN SOURCE : Exp with open source customization - CMS (Wordpress, Drupal (Theme, plugin customization) , Cart : Opencart, CRM , VOIP (Asterisk) -- 2) Good experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) in developing and designing user experiences of web applications using HTML5/HTML/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax. 3) Extensive experience in developing web page quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, Node....., Redis, RabbitMQ, Git, Travis CI, Angularjs. 4) Extensive experience in development of cross browser compatible web pages using HTML/HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSP, AJAX, JSO, CSS/CSS3 and MVC Framework. 5) Working with CSS Background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, CSS table, classes, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors in CSS. 6) Expert in develop web pages for different devices like Mobile, Tablet and Desktop using RWD and Twitter Bootstrap. 7) Proficient in using AJAX for implementing dynamic Web Pages where the content was fetched via API calls and updated the DOM (JSON Parsing),Oauth2 , REST , CURL. 8) Experience in Applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON and XML. In-Depth knowledge/Experience of Web 2.0, JavaScript, JQuery, W3C Standards. 9) Have expertise in using various SDLC models like Waterfall, Agile Scrum process with Jira and Sprint Planning. 10) Good working knowledge in Web/Application servers such as JBoss 6.x, Apache Tomcat 6.x and ngnix. 11) Experience with various MVC Java frameworks like AngularJS, UnderscoreJS, and NodeJS etc. 12) Extensively developed Rich Internet Applications and various UI widgets using jQuery. 13) Strong experienced in various IDEs like Eclipse, Edit Plus, Web storm, Sublime text, Notepad , Adobe Photoshop and brackets. 14) Developed Web UI using HTML, JavaScript, and JSP, also have experience with Maven and spring. 15)Experience in working with Java, HTML, SQL, JSP and JavaScript in development process, also Performed various operation using Core JAVA. 16) Extensive Experience in Applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML. 17) Used Web Services like SOAP and RESTful web services using Ajax, HTML, XML, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery. 18) Experience writing angular..... code for developing Single page applications (SPA), used several in built language core directives, expressions and modules. 19) Extensive experience with AngularJS, creating custom directives, decorators, and services to interface with both restful and legacy network services also DOM applications. 19) Extensive experience on modern front-end template frameworks for JavaScript including Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS etc. 20) Experience in using version controls such as Star Team, GIT and SVN. 21) Good knowledge with ExtJS, RequireJS and BootstrapJS. 22) Involved in working with various features of UnderscoreJS and NodeJS to design responsive web applications. 23) Expertise in testing and debugging new programs using Firebug, Fiddler and Developer tools. 24) Good in implementing the business rules in different layers like UI, services and database. 25) Expert level exp in design, normalization and Database Management Concepts. 26) Extensive experience in SQL, PL/SQL programming, stored procedures, triggers and Query optimization, also written queries for insert, update and modification operations. Performed database normalization and optimization using database tools. 27) Expertise in creating Conceptual Data Models, Process/Data Flow Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams & Activity Diagrams. Technical Skills UI Web Technologies :XML, HTML/HTML5, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, angular....., Underscore....., node....., AJAX, JSON, Grunt and Gulp Testing Tools : Firebug, Developer tools, Fiddle, BugZilla, HPQC Web/App Servers : Apache Tomcat 5.0.25, HTTP Web Server and JBoss Methodologies : Agile, Waterfall. Project Management : Heroku for deployment , GitHub for version control,JIRA for project management Image Process : OPENCV Mobile Application : Andriod, IPHONE SDK Front End Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Source Safe and ASP, VB....., ASP..... CRM/ERP Tools : ERPNEXT , Siebel v 6.0,Siebel VB/COM interface/EIM/EAI/Workflow Mobile : Iphone SDK,Android Middleware: MTS, Com/DCom, Com , VC , Print spooler SDK , FILEMAKER (Filemaker) Web Tool: Linux, PostgreSQL v7.2.1, Mysql,Java,EJB,Servlet,PHP,Perl,Python. Open Source : WORDPRESS, JOOMLA,DRUPAL,OsCommerce Scripting: WMI, ADSI, Windows SDK, Windows CE Database: SQL Server 7/2000, Oracle 9i,PL/SQL, and MS Access GIS Tools 3rd Party ActiveX Control, MapObject2.0 (GIS Tool), Operating Systems: DOS, WIN 95/98/ and WIN NT 4.0,Windows2000 Server Web: InterDev, HTML, VBScript, ASP, JavaScript Reporting: Crystal Reports7.0, Actuate Reporting tool Servers: IIS Web Server, PWS (Personal Web Server), ColdFusion Server. Protocols: TCP/IP, IPP (Internet Printing Protocols), Kerberos Designing Tools: Rational Rose98, Microsoft Visio Work Experience Client : WifiPlug Ltd (www.....uk) Develop Andriod and Iphone Application for their product , check application (www.....uk) 1) Client: Easy Inc. (UK) EasyWork (June2004 - Till Date) Easy Inc. is leading distributor of small ERP package in UK in the name of easy work. Their current ERP package is in FOX pro. This package including following modules a) Customer Information b) Stock of product c) Purchase/Sale module d) Accounting module Client wants to change current package into VB..... /ASP...../SQL Server application. Role: As the technical lead, I was responsible for the development and design for middle tier with a primary focus on object calls and database integration. Application design into rational rose/HLD/LLD. . It also included the final integration of all modules and the database. Preparing RSD, HLD, and LLD using Rational Rose98 for various modules. Development of business Library for remoting. Design of the application architecture. Develop Sales/Purchase Module Synchronization with the data tier and the presentation tier developers. Environment: Windows2000/VB...../ASP.NET/SQL SERVER 2000/Web Service Client: UK Client-Astro (Client site in INDIA) Siebel Sales Implementation (Jan2003 - June2004) Implementation of Siebel 6.0 for UK based Garment client. Following operation needs Data Migration from client database to the Siebel database Salesperson entering quotes in Siebel should have reliable master information like customers, items, and order status, Invoicing etc. Customization of GUI for organization defined screen layouts. GUI Customization using Siebel VB Script/eScript for control flow of information. Following tools used for configuration: • Siebel VB Script and eScript • Workflow/EIM . Oracel 9i Optimization, Installation and MAP with the Siebel database. .Installation and configuration of Oralce 9i, Replication and multiple database setup,PL- SQL,SQL,Triggers,Functionas . Role: I am working in this project as developer, responsible for Creation of Application to imports of sales old data into Siebel Database using EIM and Siebel interface COM object. I used Siebel workflow, Siebel VB Script, eScript to configure GUI and business object as per requirement. I was also involved in client Siebel configuration (Like mobile client etc.) Environment: Windows2000/SIEBEL6.0/VB6.0/siebel-vb interface/Actuate Report/EIM/Workflow/Assignment Manager/Siebel Client/Oracel 9i WOWAstro (Astrology Project) Client: World of Wisdom (UK) Specification: WOWAstro is a leading astrology related service provider in UK. They provide their services through their web site (WOW) and downloadable calendar module (DCM). System Developed using n-tier client server technology. All business modules written in C . so files (Linux) Following functionality in DCM and web application (wow): a) Horoscope b) Subscription c) Calendar Module d) Shareware f) Horoscope Interpreter/Online PDF Report/Payment Gateway/SMS integration Role: As the Technical Lead, I was responsible for the development and design for middle- tier components, implementing the business rules and the design of web based application with a primary focus on object calls and database integration. It also included the final integration of all modules and the database. All configurations for UNIX, postgreSQL, Apache, PHP. Develop registration module, Edit Registration, Admin Module. Active role in developing business tier extension modules for Linux (.so files) in c . A. Preparing RSD, HLD, and LLD using Rational Rose98 for various modules. B. Development of business shared library components using c . C. Design of the application architecture. D. Configuration of Apache web server, PostgreSQL, php, shared library for Linux server. E. Synchronization with the data tier and the presentation tier developers. G. Optimization of .so object calls and middle tier objects for performance enhancements K. Database Optimization is primary Role. L. Linux network management. Environment: Windows2000/linux/c /PostgreSQL/PHP/Delphi/Apache Web Server ONLINE INTERNET PRINTING SYSTEMS Client: Lessius Homschool University (Belgium) Specification: System Used for online printing by logged users. This service keeps track every users-printing request according their printing budget (No Pages). Snap-In and MMC used to develop server side GUI. System covers the following functionality 1. Printing Security System 2. Keep tracks every printing request. If user crosses his printing budget then user gets a warning of his printing limit. 3. If the printing budget has been reached he can't take printout anymore 4. User can increase his printing budget any time. 5. The information of the used printout stored in the database 6. Administrator Module 7. Calculate total logged time on network (Login time) System Developed using multi-threading technology Role: As the technical lead, I was responsible for the development and design for print service components, implementing and the design of ASP pages with a primary focus on object calls and database integration. It also included the final integration of all modules and the database. Develop student module (Print Module) and administrator Module Preparing RSD, HLD, LLD using Rational Rose98 for Print Service Develop Print Service component, which will run on print server and keep track all incoming print request by different logged users. Print service updates every users account according their printing request (No of Pages). This service developed in VC , Print spooler SDK User could be on local domain or any where in world (Used Internet for Print document) All printing activity controlled by administrator, main activity of administrator is create new user, define its printing budget, delete users, generate invoice for users according their printouts. Users can be send request increase their printing budget to administrator through student module and check their printouts detail Service calculate users login time, if their login time cross their allotted budget, service will forcefully logoff from the system (Only for Network users not for Internet Users) Develop Server side GUI for print Tracker in MMC and Snap-In. Environment: Windows2000 / VC / SQL Server 2000 / Rational/VB..... ASP/Microsoft Visio/ADSI/Windows SDK/Print SDK/ADSI/WMI/MMC/Snap-In Maid Management System Client: Nation Investment (Singapore) Specification: System Used for recruitments and management of Maids from surrounding countries. The Company has Agencies and Recruiters in its channel. The system covers the following modules: 1. Maid Management Module 2. Recruiter Management Module 3. Administrator Module (Security Ring) 4. Customer Management System 5. Accounting Module (Finance Module) 6. Reports System Developed using n-tier client server technology Role: As the Technical Lead, I was responsible for the development and design for middle- tier components, implementing the business rules and the design of ASP pages with a primary focus on object calls and database integration. It also included the final integration of all modules and the database. Develop Account Module, which have the features like Bank Reconciliation, Customer and Recruiter Credit Analysis and Primary responsibilities included the following: Preparing RSD, HLD, LLD using Rational Rose98 for various modules Development of business components using VB 6.0 Design of the application architecture Database designing using Microsoft Visio. Synchronization with the data tier and the presentation tier developers Stress testing the components using Script Runner in order to check for memory leaks Optimization of ASP object calls and middle tier objects for performance enhancements Design Role base Security System for the Application using MTS Developing Web Pages using ASP/InterDev Develop Web MTS Role Base Security, with using Windows API and creating VB Components Database Optimization is primary Role/DBA Role Environment: Windows2000 / VB6.0 / SQL Server 2000 / COM / Rational Rose98/ASP/MicrosoftVisio/WindowsMediaServer/ADSI Duratech Solutions (P) Ltd. (Jan2000 - Dec '00) 1) Accounting & Inventory System Client: Trade Link Ltd (India) Specification: TLL (Trade Link Ltd.) is the marketing wing of Mohan-Meakins Ltd. The Company has its head office and has 18 depots all over India for trading operation. The Company deals in beverages and other consumer products all over India. The Software covers Billing, Inventory and Accounts on a consolidated basis for all depots. It also handles Excise Billing, Tax Returns, Detailed Stock Inventory and Customer Credit Analysis. System developed in n-tier Client Server Environment and Components. Role: Analysis and Design of the modules based on specifications. Coding for Stock Handling and Purchase Invoice modules using VB6.0. Creating reports using Crystal Reports. Visual Source Safe was used for Version Control and Visual Modeler was used for OMT modeling. The role also entailed the following: Feature enhancements and bug fixing. Using Crystal Report 7.0 for developing Report for Stock Related Report. Used Stored Procedure to Handle Complex Account Related Queries Design Basic Logic for Account and Stock Module. (Calculate Balance Sheet, Current Stock and its Value) Environment: WindowsNT/VB6.0/SQL Server 6.5/COM/DCOM/Visual Modeler/MTS Duratech Solutions (P) Ltd. Cellular Billing System (Vodafone UK) Client: Vodafones (UK) Specification: Intercell is one of Vodafones largest Cellular Services Provider. Globe Trotter (UK) is Intercell's Parent Company. Globe Trotters purchases cards (Mobile & Sim) from Intercell and pays a fixed rental on Mobiles for the duration it was activated. Globe Trotter further has its outlets worldwide to whom it issues these cards. These outlets also have their respective customers whom the outlets issue the cards. Globe Trotter charges these customers and a commission is paid by GT on the Rental (i.e. the rent accrued on the possession of the card) and the Airtime (i.e. the usage or the calls made/received on the card.) Vodafone also has Matrix Cellular Services as its main outlet, who also does the data processing for Globetrotters. System developed using Client/Server Technology. Matrix has the following responsibilities: 1. To Inform to activate or Deactivate a card. 2. To check the Unbilled (i.e. the calling which has been made and is not yet billed) of a customer and if it is greater than the permissible limit of a customer, do the necessary charging. 3. Take authorizations on credit card. 4. Receive Issue details from UK to be entered in the system. 5. Supply charging details (credit card balance details) to . 6. Receive Charging Details from . Role: The primary responsibility was for the middle tier of the Sim Activation / Deactivation and the development of these middle tier components implementing the business rules. The role entailed the following: Analysis of the system requirements. Design of the application architecture With Rational Rose98 For the system Recognition and development of middle tier components. Synchronization with the data tier and the presentation tier developers Coding for Certain Module like Sim Activation/Deactivation, Stock Handling and Account Module. Screen and coding for Credit Card Management, Customers Credit Amount, Account Ledger and Bank Reconciliation Report Design for Customer Bill Generation, Customer Account History, Account Ledger and Accounts Heads Report. Design For Mobile Sim Pooling Technology to Know about current Sim Stock Environment: WindowsNT / VB6.0 / SQL Server 6.5 / ASP / VBScript / HTML / COM / DCOM / MTS/Rational Rose98 Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi July 99-Dec99) GIS -based Handicraft System Client: Handicraft Department (Textile Ministry, India) Specification: The main objective of this project is to develop a state level spatial decision support tool by creating an integrated database on handicraft survey and census data for resource planning and program evaluation. This spatial support system helps the commission office of handicrafts in the following areas: Maintaining the inventory of handicraft data and resources spread across the country at village level.Identify local market for handicraft to map various administrative and census boundaries (village, taluka, block)Data Source: Survey of handicraft, Census Data, National Survey Data, NGOs and other government agencies, Survey of Indian Maps, District and Administration boundaries. Role: The essential responsibility was to design the application and develop components for viewing different maps on different conditions. This included the following tasks: Preparing the System requirement specifications Recognition and development of middle tier components Implementing the business rules and testing their implementation Environment: WindowsNT/VB5.0/Oracle7.3/Mapobject/Microstation/Arc View/ASP A.R. Software Services (Dec 97- Dec 98) Data Entry Tool (GIS Software) Client: US West Inc. (USA) Specification: This project is related to map conversion of land based maps of telephone Exchange. The concept processing takes place in three steps: Referencing: is related to capturing of cable information on land. Decoding: Decoding the data captured as a result of referencing. Digitization: Drawing of maps in digital format and attaching the decoded data to cables in digital map. Role: The role involved the following Design of the operational and the implementation methodology of the system. Development of the application screens like Store decoded data Using Different GIS Components to display maps in the VB5.0 Preparing unit and system integration test cases. Crystal Report Tool using for designing Reports Environment: WindowsNT/VB5.0/Oracle7.3/Mapinfo A.R. Software Services Query and Resolution System Client: US West Inc.(USA) Specification: This software deals with queries & resolutions (Assumptions), while referencing the map of land based telephone exchanges. If information is ambiguous then questions are raised or assumptions are made. This software keeps track of Q's/R's taking care of pre-formatted Q's/R's Role: The role involved the following Design of the operational and the implementation methodology of the System Development of the Application Screens using VB5.0 Testing the business rules and their implementations. Environment: WindowsNT/VB 5.0/Oracle7.3/GIS Tools Education Pursuing MCA (A level) from DOEACC INDIA. Degree from University of Rajasthan in 1997. Diploma in Computer Science. CIC (IGNOU) MCSD (One Paper VB) Certification. --> E-mail: [email protected]/ [email protected]

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